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    What is a Glass Pen?

    What is a Glass Pen?

    A glass pen is a writing tool, it comes up with providing a smooth flow of ink over a sheet of paper, all you need is a bottle of ink by your side thereby creating a moment you want to be a part of.

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    How does a glass pen work?

    Ahh! definitely the easiest thing to learn, glass pen consists of a nib which carries ink in it, holding onto just above the nib would provide oneself the way to write with the glass pen straightaway on the sheet. No complexity, just hold the pen and use it confidently

    how does glass pen works


    Are glass pen good?

    A big yes! How? let me explain.

    • These are very handy.
    • Easy to use, that means one only has to dip the nib into the ink and the ink will automatically get into the pen on its own.
    • One have not to worry about to change the ink, dipping the tip into water will remove the ink immediately.
    • Many people ask that, Is glass pen really good for calligraphy? then the answer is yes,

    Head on to our Instagram Channel and see how professionals are using glass pen for calligraphy!

    • Glass pens are very easy to clean, just dip the nip into water!

    how to clean a glass pen, how to clean a glass pen nib

    So, Whats Next? Wanna Buy A Glass pen?

    what is a glass pen

    We provide glass pen which are handcrafted beautifully in various designs and colors. The entire body is made up of special crystal glass which adds on to the beauty! Our glass pen serves to different purposes like:

    • Calligraphy
    • Sketching
    • Drawing
    • Writing

    how much does a glass pen or calligraphy pen cost?

    Want to surprise your loved one on eve's like birthday or anniversary by creating a greeting card? Then Our glass pen can help you make one easily!



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